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المصحات والمنتجعات العلاجية 

Welcome to Embrace Wellness, where tranquility meets transformation. Our mission is to help you achieve optimal wellness through a holistic approach that nurtures your mind, body, and spirit. Join us this journey towards a and happier you.

Image by Kushal Medhi

North Thailand

At Cplus Center, we are proud to offer the best Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Services in partnership with Asia's only internationally accredited rehab center. Located in Northern Thailand, this facility specializes in alcohol and drug rehabilitation, as well as assisting those struggling with depression, anxiety, and unresolved trauma. With a holistic approach that considers your whole picture, a custom treatment plan is designed and adjusted to meet your evolving needs. The multidisciplinary team of western-educated therapists and professional nursing staff provide round-the-clock support, making this facility the best rehab in Thailand.


Mallorca - Spain

At Cplus, we offer modern residential treatment centers and mental health clinics in the beautiful island of Spain. luxury rehab centers are designed to provide a safe haven for those seeking recovery from mental struggles or substance abuse. We understand the complexity of the human mind and offer personalized treatment to help you find peace, fulfillment, and a sense of purpose.

Yacht Deck


Atlantis Luxury Yachts & Sailboats! Luxury Yachts 28-day treatment program is the exclusive rehabilitation program in the world. the program is all-inclusive and provides on-board psychiatric treatment and medications, on-board detoxification, psychological support and therapy, private nurses, a physical therapist, a personal trainer, a professional security guard, a private chef, and a full crew to manage the yacht. Join us for a luxurious and effective rehabilitation experience along the coast of Athens and to the gorgeous Greek Islands of the Mediterranean Sea. 

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